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GCSE French and Spanish Speaking Tests

Added 6 years ago

Now is the season for the 1st round of GCSE French and Spanish Speaking Tests. As a parent/carer you can really help your child to be prepared, even though you may not be able to help with the language content, by supporting them in their efforts as outlined below. Strategies for revising for Speaking tests include the following:
Reading aloud to a real or imaginary audience
Reading in your head and hearing how it sounds to you
Putting pictures to your phrases and sentences to help both with pronunciation and retention of phrases (a picture of a door could help with the phrase ‘médaille d’or’)
Recording yourself reading your prepared work and then listening back to it
Writing out your prepared sentences and phrases on alternate lines of a page with a phonetic version of difficult words on the empty lines
Working with your teacher or the assistant at a lunchtime or after school as above!

As with all exams, it is important that your child gets enough sleep – particularly in the couple of nights leading up to the exam. A regular calm routine at bedtime helps with this. Research has also shown that a short walk in the fresh air on the morning of the exam is beneficial.           

Mrs J Hargrave - MFL Team Leader

Richard Lander School