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Visitors to the PD Curriculum

Added 6 years ago

We have welcomed many visitors to PD lessons so far this term. For Y11 students Truro College have delivered a presentation about what they offer post 16 and the acclaimed SCADA (alcohol and drug education programme) has been introduced to many Year 11 groups.  The aim is that all year 11 students will have taken part in the sessions before Christmas. Steve Clare who facilitates the sessions really seems able to get students thinking about the wider issues that come with alcohol and legal/illegal drug misuse.
The sessions have been well received by students so far and we very much hope we can extend the programme to other year groups in the very near future.

Here are just a few comments made about the programme:

SCADA uses its unique depth of knowledge from 20 years licensing experience to support schools in the delivery of a very specific part of the PSHE curriculum, teaching pupils from Year 7 to Year 13.

SCADA is supported by Mr David Hampshire (County advisor for PSHE) the Police and is listed in Cornwall County Council’s Health Promotion directory of specialist substance abuse teachers to schools and young persons.

SCADA is highly recommended, valid and credible:

SCADA is a unique resource that supports each schools PSHE curriculum:
“So good to hear such a balanced session, full of real and relevant information – brilliant – thank you!” - Helena Clements, West Buckland School, nr Barnstaple

SCADA provides a forum for open discussion without consequence:
“Most pupils had a question or something to say.”- Susi Deliske,
Wadebridge School

“Pupils were clearly engaged, telling their stories and answering questions.” – Katie White, Head of PSHE, St James School, Exeter

SCADA breaks down barriers within minutes:
“Down to earth . . . honest . . . funny . .  Steve wasn’t talking bull” - Y9 ASDAN PSD pupils, Richard Lander School, Truro

“Many specialist speakers and guests find it difficult to deliver in a way that keeps the students interested and engaged. You obviously felt comfortable working with large groups.” – Julie Rowe, Head of PSHE, Camborne Academy

SCADA creates trust and honesty:
“His style of delivery engages our students.” - Nick Eacott, Sir James Smith’s, Camelford

“Please continue to keep your lessons real and tell it as you see it. It works!”            Pete Bond, saltash.net Community School

“Steve’s knowledge cannot be replicated by those without his extensive experience in the licensing trade. I’m happy to recommend SCADA to other schools and colleges.” - Peter Glynn, Assistant Head Teacher, Wadebridge School

V. Downing (Head of RE/PD)

Richard Lander School