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Student Leadership Update

Added 6 years ago

Buddy Sessions

Since the first day in September, older students from Y9, Y10 and Y11 have been spending time, during Tutor Sessions, mentoring and ‘buddying’ our new Y7 students. They have been giving advice, school tours and extending knowledge to the younger students as they start their first term at Richard Lander School.
They have had a great deal of fun and seemed to enjoy the wide range of activities during these early weeks. Well done to all the Tutors, Mentors & Buddies for making the programme a success         

Year 11 Senior Leaders Common Room

For the first time in the new school our ‘Year 11 Senior Leaders’ have been rewarded with a ‘Common Room’ which, at present, includes a fridge, kettle, Pool & Football Table.
I am also working with a number of outside agencies to sponsor or provide other certain facilities, resources and ‘goodies’ that our Senior Leaders will appreciate in exchange for performing short duties during lunchtimes, to support staff.
If any Parents or Businesses are keen to get involved in this exciting initiative please contact Mr Beech

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