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National Poetry Day - 3rd October 2013

Added 6 years ago

Students produced some fabulous work for National Poetry Day

In Art, 8R4 responded to a water painting by Kurt Jackson to produce a creative poem using specific Art vocabulary. Students worked in small groups to mind map and create a line each for the poem, then they assembled all the lines together to make this short poem.

The Sea is refreshing calm and irresistible
The waves crash and fall onto each other as the pebbles fall and roll
The sea is spacious as the water sparkles
The water is cold like the blood of reptiles
The natural blurred waves crash calmly into the opaque shallow water
The sea is majestic as it glitters

Here is some more excellent student work:

Waves – Max Everard

Waves, crashing down in the deep blue sea
Bobbing up and down in open seas
The white horses galloping
In a race to the sea-shore
CRASH! The water ripples up the bank
Like a rampaging bull
Before scurrying back,
Preparing to attack again.


Peaceful Delight – Jessica Starlett

Behind a mountain,
Turquoise clear lake, luscious green,
And pure, still waters.


Water – Madelaine Collins

The calm bubble surrounding the water lillies,
A ripple and a splash trailing the tide,
The tossed water settles along the sea line,
Hearing the muffled laughter and fun of life we live within.

The morning dewdrops crystallising on the ground,
The underwater vibes rising up above.
A waddling penguin surfing in the ocean,
Silently frogs and fish diving down below,
The way of live has begun.


Richard Lander School