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Bake Off - Round 1 - Cupcakes with a Vegetable!

Added 6 years ago

Report by Zak Minett - Year 8

''The pressures on'' said last year’s Richard Lander Bake Off champion, Tiahna Williams, as 8 teachers and 9 students battled it out to become this year’s cupcake champion in round one of our annual charity bake-off, organised by the schools very own Miss Ritchie.

The bake-off was themed on cupcakes with either a vegetable or fruit in them, with tasty combos ranging from parsnip and chocolate to potato and cinnamon, chocolate and beetroot to pumpkin and chocolate chip. The round was the 1st of three which will be taking place over the next few weeks, with the next round being biscuits and the final round, a Children in Need themed cake. Much like the year before , students crowded around room 113 at lunchtime, each paying a bargain 50p to sample 3 of the delicious cupcakes on display, before voting for their favourite. All in all, an amazing £48 was raised, to donate to Children in Need, the worthy recipient.

Jayda Hetherington, year 8 said after tasting her cakes: '' They were all really nice, I especially liked the parsnip and chocolate''.

After a lunchtime of happy customers and cake, the results were in, with Rhiannon Budzinska, PDDa, coming in first with her Pudsy Carrot cupcakes (pictured below), Emily Smith, TIRb, second with her Musical Note Parsnip and Chocolate mini cakes, and  Zak Minett, PBLl, in third place with his Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin recipe.
A huge thank you to Mrs Ritchie for hosting the event, all our willing bakers, and to the generous customers.

The next round, biscuits, will be on Wednesday 6th November, at lunchtime, in 113. Good luck to all the bakers involved.


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