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Making Cake Pops with Bosvigo Students

Added 6 years ago

Report by Zak Minett
Photos by Zak Minett

Ten year 5 students and ten year 6 students from Bosvigo Primary School enjoyed a day of ghoulish baking on a D.T gifted and talented day, making some spooky Halloween cake pops in the shapes of spiders, pumpkins, and even a wicked witch.

The event was hosted by the schools very own, keen DT teacher, Mrs Ritchie, who said ‘’the students left inspired, I was told, and went home with some delicious and professional looking cakes pops’’.

After a detailed demonstration by Miss Ritchie, the primary school students were put into groups with a RLS helper. Channel Sellers, Rosie Tuft, Tiahna Williams, Zak Minett and Rachel Birch happily offered their creative expertise.

The students started off by making the cake pop batter which included roasted pumpkin, in an all in one method (where you add all the ingredients at the same time and blend) before taking it in turns to load their mixture into the cake pop machine, where they would cook for 5 minutes. Afterwards, the decorating began! Students started off by covering 2 out of their 3 cake pops in white chocolate, and after a brief break outside, returned to decorate the first cake pop with M&Ms and icing, to look like spiders. Next, the students used tic-tac’s and a green icing pen to make pumpkin resembling cake pops, after covering their remaining cake pop with orange candy melts which had been imported from America.

After a delicious lunch, they were showed how to decorate cake pops as witches, making their own hair and witches hat out of fondant icing, applying detail to the face using icing pens.

By the end of the day it was clear that Bosvigo School has some very talented bakers, as the results were amazing! The children were especially good at decorating the witches.

Finally, a huge thank you to Mrs Ritchie who had put herself forward to organise and host the event.                                      

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