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Get Your Grown Ups Growing!

Added 6 years ago

by Madison Turnbull and the Gardening Club team

Get Your Grown Ups Growing is a scheme which was launched by the Royal Horticultural Society. The plan was to get adults more involved in gardening, as it is an outdoor activity that allows them to socialise with other parents and encourages them to grow their own vegetables and eat better.
On Wednesdays in October, we held after school sessions where we invited any family members who were interested in gardening, to come into school to help. On the first day we started to fill the bug hotel which Mr Knight had already made. After that we washed plant pots and planted fox gloves, sweet peas and lupins in them. During the session, we ate beetroot brownies made from our home grown beetroot. On week two, we cleared the beds, so that when we get our winter seeds the beds will be ready to plant. We started our planting by putting peas in one of the beds, and ate the left over cakes from the school bake off which had taken place that day.  
Mr Knight, one of the Gardening Club gurus, said “Get Your Grown Ups Growing lets parents see what the students have been doing and also brings people together. Gardening Club as a whole does that as a lot of students have made new friends through the club. ”
(pictured right - furnishing the bug hotel)
The Richard Lander students who hosted the event enjoyed it greatly and agreed that it has “inspired others and helped to get the school garden ready for spring so that we can plant seeds.”


Richard Lander School