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Green Day 2013

Added 6 years ago

Report by Megan Beynon Y7

Uniform was unnecessary on the 24th of October, as Green Day was taking place at Richard Lander! It only cost £1 for a pupil to burrow into the depths of their wardrobe and find something green to wear to school. All of the money raised by everyone at our school has gone towards our Green Power Racing team…

To raise further funds, there was the tasty option of purchasing some irresistible cupcakes; an array of different crazy colours, fabulous flavours and totally tempting toppings! One of which I eagerly ate myself and enjoyed immensely! The bustling queue for cake was so huge I couldn’t get through the corridor without wielding my elbows, so I’m sure the money pots were overflowing within a couple of minutes of opening the stall. This feasting fiesta took place at both break and lunch periods.

During the day I saw, green tops, green shoes, green hats, green fingernails and even green faces! I saw mint, florescent, forest, olive, lime and sea green shades. I even managed to spot a few secretive individuals in their khaki green camouflaged items of clothing.

Richard Lander’s Green Power Racing crew have already won a whole acre of rain forest in the Amazon and lots more! All achieved in an amazing and beautifully designed racing car, crafted in school. Sustainable, as it uses eco-friendly battery power as its energy source.

We all hope that the money we raised on the 24th can go towards making Richard Lander’s Green Power Team even more successful then it already is!


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