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Added 6 years ago

Last week, we were lucky enough to work with actor, musician, puppeteer and all round raconteur Craig Johnson. Any of you who have been amused, delighted or simply spellbound by the recent performances of Kneehigh Theatre will know his work; and probably have giggled a bit too!

Craig was invited into the newly opened ARK to work with the students for the day. As the owner/ operator of the Squeeze Box puppet company, Craig was able to bring in some of his ‘cast’ of characters with him. Adults and students alike where delighted by his performance and then it was the students chance to get involved.

First off all, they were introduced to the art of shadow puppetry and made simple but beautiful characters that came to life on the screen. The students then had the chance to get really creative and create their own 3D puppets.
In the hands of a skilled puppeteer like Craig these creations come to life but the ARK students were quick to pick up the skills they needed and, soon enough, wild tales were being told of swashbuckling adventure and far off lands.

All the members of the ARK would like to say a huge thank you to Craig and wish him luck on his upcoming American tour with Kneehigh. Puppets will be seen in action around school later this term.  
Mr A. Conrad

Richard Lander School