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Disassembling Dysons with STEM Students

Added 6 years ago


Report by Sophie Gibbons – Year 7

This week in STEM Club, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, students were disassembling Dyson vacuum cleaners. Students decided that taking apart the Dysons is useful if you own one and it breaks or something valuable gets stuck in it, also if you want to recycle one you will need to disassemble it before you can dispose of it.

Students worked in groups to disassemble Dyson heads and then reassembled them with Miss Watts and Mr Brooker and when they had finished they tested them to see if they still worked.

The students really enjoyed doing this and Leah Dyer said “I like learning new things and my vacuum has broken at home, so I might be able to fix it because of STEM Club.”


Richard Lander School