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Green is Global – Sharing Ideas for a More Sustainable Future

Added 7 years ago

Report by Lauren Healey - Year 9
In 2011, a brand new environmental project was formed for schools all over the world to provide all with a better, more sustainable future. This project was called Green is Global.
Two years on, and Green is Global is taking place again. It involves groups from many schools, not just in the UK, but all over the world, coming up with an inspirational idea that could make the world a more environmentally friendly place for everyone. Last term, many of these groups met at the world famous Eden Project. We all had a brilliant day, getting involved with many challenges, including cooking and an adventure hunt. We learned about Green is Global, and at the end of the day, we all planned our separate ideas.
Here at Richard Lander, we decided to base our idea around the global issue of food wastage. There are shocking facts about food wastage around the world that we discovered. We found out that there are over 852 million starving people in third world countries, which is a horrific figure. However, we discovered that if we did stop wasting food that could’ve been eaten, the benefit to the planet would be the same as taking 1 in 5 cars off the road!
To help us with our project, Jean Main-Reade from Sainsbury's came into Richard Lander and provided our team with an informative talk concerning food wastage at supermarkets. It was certainly very useful for our project! Also, Sainsbury’s donated some food that had passed its sell by date. It would’ve usually been thrown out, however,  our Green is Global group use it to create a delicious three course meal which was served to staff and students in our school.
On Wednesday 13th November, we headed back to the Eden Project along with many other schools, to share our ideas. Richard Lander School spoke with our partner school in America via Skype. We learned more about their project – Community Supported Agriculture - which was based around helping local farmers. Back at school, all of the other year 9 students took part in a drop-down day where they learned more about being eco-friendly within our school and community. They made recycled paper bags and Christmas decorations, learned about sustainable fishing and made healthy muffins with locally sourced, seasonal vegetables.  Green is Global was an incredible experience, and our group is grateful to everyone who helped us in our project.
Student comments from the drop down day included “Reusing newspaper to make an awesome bag was really fun, I will show my family how to do this as you could use it anywhere!”
“I found dissecting the fish really interesting, but when it’s eye popped out I found it a little bit gross”
“I’m not gonna lie, Paper Weaving was the best. I would really like to do it again!”
“I really enjoyed making the pumpkin muffins … I would make them again. I learned about how much food is wasted globally.“

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