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Changing Voices Conquer London

Added 6 years ago

For several months the lads from our choir, Changing Voices, have been getting together with boys from other schools throughout Cornwall to form a new county choir, Cambiata. This takes its name from the technical name for a boy’s voice when it is at the changing stage (we no longer use the word ‘breaking’!) This new choir has around 130 members, made up of some of the best singers in the county. The aim was to sing at the Royal Albert Hall on 2nd November in the Cornish Gala evening held every ten years.
The lads had to learn five songs, some of which were to be performed with Dalla, the Cornish folk band. They also learnt a piece I had written for Changing Voices a few years ago and a new work, Kernow bys Vyken (Cornwall forever) which I wrote especially for the concert. Everything had to be memorised. One of the songs required soloists and I was delighted that Matt and Charles Secombe and Christie Van Tinteren were selected to have the daunting honour of singing to over 6000 members of the audience
On the morning of the concert the coach left Truro at 5.45 full of excited, if rather sleepy, lads for London. I had a concert in the Cadogan Hall so was unable to attend the concert but, after a mad scramble, managed to get to the rehearsal. The boys were making a magnificent sound in the Albert Hall’s generous acoustic, but looked rather lost on the stage in such a vast space!

The concert was a sell out months in advance and the lads performed to a capacity audience of Cornish and ex-pats. The atmosphere was electric and the boys gave a fantastic performance to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience who sported the black and gold and waved the St Piran’s flag.
Mr R. Pascoe

Richard Lander School