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Respect Group at the Organised Mayhem Anti-Bullying Event

Added 6 years ago

Respect Group at the Organised Mayhem Anti-Bullying Event
Report by Bryan Knight

On Wednesday 20th November, the schools revamped Respect group went to Kingsley Village to take part in an educational and fund raising  event, called “Organised Mayhem. ”  The event, which was set up by ABC—Anti Bullying Cornwall, was a fantastic mix of humorous and touching efforts to bring public awareness to bullying.
At the event there were multiple schools that joined us in creating a warm and entertaining environment., whilst we educated the general public on the issues surrounding bullying.  There were many different forms of activity that were used in the aim of bringing awareness to the issue of bullying. There were drama performances, musical segments and even a touching performance of Christine Aquilera’s Beautiful  by our very own Ellie McCready. All of the members of the public I spoke to agreed that the school  had done a wonderful thing in taking their time to discuss this sensitive and disturbing topic. All the members of the Respect Group would like to thank Naomi Richards and all the staff at ABC Cornwall for organising such a successful event.
Respect Group members are on duty every lunchtime, in room 100, from 1:30—2:00 pm.
ABC can be contacted on 01209 202696 or via their website www.abcornwall.org.uk or on www.facebook.co.uk/AntiBullyingInCornwall. Childline are available 24/7 and can be contacted on 0800 11 11 or at www.childline.org.uk


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