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DT Days bring Creative Cookies to Year 8

Added 6 years ago

By Aiden Vincent  - Year 8
Photos by Jacob Moran—Year 8

DT Days give Year 8 students a chance to make their own professional product from start to finish. The challenge was to make their own cookies as well as the packaging; this was to be done in three, one and a half hour workshops.
Our day began with Graphics, the Year 8s had to customise a cardboard sleeve to go on the outside of the cookies and packaging. A template had been created to give the students a helping hand. A name had to be found for the cookies, some of the names included; Monster Cookies, Flutter Cookies and Craft Cookies.

Once customised, the group set off to their next work shop which was to create the package itself, this would be used to hold the cookies. To make the package the students had to vacuum form high density polystyrene into the shape they required. They could also imprint a design into the package to give it a more personal touch. This could be done by layering paper and placing it on the mould. The vacuum forming then took place and the shape of the paper was inserted into the package

Last but not least it was time to make the cookies! Groups of 3-5 where given cookie dough ingredients and a selection of extras to put in their cookies, from chocolate chips to vanilla essence to apricot. After the cookies where made and a taste test had taken place, it was time for evaluation. The year 8s really enjoyed and learned a lot on DT day and most can’t wait to do it again, but I am not sure if that’s because of  their excitement to learn or because of the delicious cookies!

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