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Francovision Fantastique

Added 6 years ago

By Courtney Windsor and Kaitlyn Altass – Year 7
Photos by Jacob Moran—Year 8

Class 7R4 were amazed after being told that they had won Francovision, which is competition where Year 7s sing and dance to their chosen French song. They all had lots of fun and some said they wished every French lesson was like Francovision.

After interviewing 7R4 teacher Mrs Hocking, we found out that she was over the moon and equally happy because her other class came 3rd. 7R4, who placed 1st, chose their song because it was popular with French teenagers! We asked her exactly why we do Francovision at Richard Lander School, and her answer was “it is great entertainment and it gives the children insight into French culture, it is also a chance to experience competitions and to learn more French through the judges and the words in the songs.”  Her class were very proud of their performance, they worked very hard to achieve first place. Two girls (Willow Burrows and Rachael Bulford – Forbes) learnt all the words and the rest of the class learnt most of them.

She expected both classes to be good, if she had been a judge she said she would have awarded both of her classes joint 1st. 7R4, who represented La Tunisie,  won prizes which were Celebrations, Haribo, wrist bands, pencils and a bronze coloured trophy, which got broken five minutes after winning it! The nerves hit Mrs Hocking’s other class but 7R4 were wild with excitement! Maybe that was what made the difference between their scores. After her classes had performed she felt very proud of each and every member of the classes.

The whole competition was amazing and all children enjoyed it however nervous they were before their big French show! All the judges spoke fluent French, even though they are English students from Year 10. This helped the younger students to learn a bit more French throughout the show. It was the first big event in the school for the new students to show their performance skills, and they put in tons of effort. You could tell by the expressions on their faces that they were enjoying every single moment of this epic experience, which they will never forget!


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