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¡Feliz año nuevo

Added 6 years ago

By Lydia Smith

Language Club discovered how different countries celebrate New Year. Brazilians throw flowers into the sea, Venezuelans carry a suitcase around the house if they want to go travelling in the New Year and the Japanese run a race, and the winner has good luck for the rest for the year. 
Language Club had a go at a Spanish New Year’s celebration, where they eat a grape for every chime of the clock.  
We had a video on in the background  and we all sat there with our cups full of twelve grapes, waiting patiently as the presenters chattered away in Spanish, then finally, the first chime came. Everyone shoved a grape into their mouths. The second chime came quicker than everyone expected, and the second grape was in. The grapes went in, one after the other, and then it was over.  It was ‘New Year.’ Most people had grapes left over. Only two managed to accomplish this New Year tradition, by eating all twelve grapes.

It was very interesting discovering how New Year is celebrated around the world. Maybe next year, we can have a go at doing another country’s New Year tradition.

Richard Lander School