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Little Shop of Horrors in Rehearsal!

Added 5 years ago


Students in rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors – set and plant looking amazing!! The students (actors/singers/dancers and the band) are all working so hard for next week’s show. Please buy your tickets at student reception and to come along and support a fabulous fun production!


Have you been wondering what you have in store for you with  Little Shop of Horrors? Zak Minett gives us a synopsis of the plot ..

Seymour and his colleague Audrey work in a florist, belonging to grumpy boss, Mr Mushnik. Living downtown and with his florist business failing, all it seems is lost for Seymour. That is, until an unexpected total eclipse of the sun....

After shopping in the local flower district to look for unusual plants to display in the florist, an unexpected total eclipse of the sun is followed by the appearance of an unusual never before seen, 'alien' plant.
Seymour, the main protagonist of the musical, buys the plant off a Chinese man for $1.95, and, names it 'Audrey II' in honour of Audrey, who he secretly has feelings for. He then displays it in the window of his florists to attract customers.
The idea proves successful and soon the money starts rolling in, with new customers everyday, but the plant does not fare well and begins to die. After caring for the plant one day he pricks his finger on a thorn, and for the first time, the plant shows sign of life. Allowing it to suckle blood from his finger, the plant begins to thrive, and Seymour becomes a local celebrity, with people coming from all around to view the spectacular plant.
However, it soon becomes clear that a few drops of blood a day won't satisfy Audrey II, forcing Seymour to take desperate measures to keep his beloved plant alive. Who will survive?....

Richard Landers latest musical production, directed by Mrs Nortje and Mrs Charleston seems set to wow audiences with the unusual plot and detailed (continued from page 2)
scenery, designed by Art teacher Mrs Bone. 
Auditions were held late last year. Carlen Williams was cast as the main character Seymour, with Katy Blackwell as Audrey, Charles Secombe as Audrey II, Keelan Pascoe as grumpy Mushnik, and lastly Cameron Hughes as Audrey’s abusive dentist boyfriend, who falls victim to the plant. Of course, year 7s, 8s,9s and others have also been involved with the production, either as backstage hand, prop makers, or in more minor roles.

The musical itself is set to premiere on the Tuesday 11th February, and play until the 14th, with tickets priced at £3 for concessions and £5 for adults. They are available at student reception. Don’t miss it as this production is set to be a showstopper....




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