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Little Shop of Horrors - Zac Minett meets the cast!

Added 5 years ago


Carlen Williams - Seymour Kelborn

How did you react when you found out you had the lead role?
‘’ I was excited but instantly nervous, though I knew it would be a great reward for me and a priceless experience’’.

Was there any rivalry between you and the others auditioning?
“Yes of course, there’s Kelan, whose Mushnik, and there are so many great singers and actors out there. It was a competition, and so many people deserved to do it.”

Which scene do you enjoy doing the most and why?
“It’s very difficult to decide, I enjoy all of them, I particularly enjoy the scene ‘Mushnik and Son’ with my friend Kelan.”

“Firstly it’s hard work but extremely fun and enjoyable and the key to success is enjoying it.”

Katie Blackwell – Audrey

Were there any funny mishaps in rehearsals?
“Quite a few in general, like singing in Carlen’s face is really awkward and funny, also saying the wrong words. “

What’s your favourite song and why?
“‘Somewhere that’s green’ because you can go at your own pace and do whatever you want. Also ‘Suddenly Seymour’ because of the harmonies. “

What’s it like to play Audrey?
It’s not the best part for me because I like playing weird and eccentric characters, but it’s nice to play a main character and to get feedback.

“Go for it! Never hold back, when you give it your all, people love it more. Just show what you can do and don’t let people get you down. Don’t give up no matter how cheesy it is!”

Kelan Pascoe – Mushnik

What’s your favourite scene and why?
“Mushnik and Son because it’s got a lot of energy and I make a fool out of myself.”

“My one piece of advice would be to don’t holdback!”

Cameron Hughes - Orin Scrivelo

What’s it like playing a bad guy?
“Orin loves pain, he’s a sadist. I don’t focus on him being a bad guy, I focus on his love for pain making him a bad guy. In my head I say I love music, but It comes out as I love pain on stage.”

What’s it like working with the older students?
“It’s different to working with people your own age. At first I was quite shy but feel like I now have a good relationship with year 11s. I’ve benefited from working with them and I’ve had to raise the bar for myself.”

Don’t  be afraid of the audience, they’re your friend and they’re here to see you,  also make sure you are focused, because if you’re thinking about something else and saying something different they audience will be able to tell. Be present on the stage.

Charles Secombe – Audrey 2

What’s  it like to play such a major part?
“It’s enjoyable and I like the singing because the words and music aren’t set out so you can improvise some bits.”

Do you enjoy voicing Audrey 2, or would you’ve preferred to act on stage?
“I like voicing because you have to put emotion in your voice. You can’t use gestures or expressions.”

What do you think of the play as a whole?
“I think it’s good, a lot of fun, you get to work with a lot of people you wouldn’t expect to and make new friends.“

“Lot’s of people don’t realise the importance of voice and so you should really focus on the voice.”

Sam Barton – Radio Presenter

Have you got any advice to give to someone who  is thinking about getting involved with a school production ?
“Make sure you turn up to rehearsals and learn your lines early on. Even if you don’t get a main part, try your best to enjoy it because it’s a fun experience.”                     

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