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New Medical Office - Scarlet Fever

Added 5 years ago

Richard Lander School  welcomes Mrs Brooke who has taken over from Mrs Webb as Medical Officer. Mrs Brooke is stationed in the new Medical Office which is opposite Room 104. If students are feeling unwell they should visit the Medical Office  before going to the Medical Room.

Epipens are kept in plain view in the Medical Office, for use in an emergency.

Mrs Brooke has provided this advice on Scarlet Fever.

Scarlet Fever

It has come to our attention from the Department of Health that there is an increase on the outbreak of Scarlet Fever this year. Although it is a seasonal disease and this is when we would normally see it, it seems more cases than usual have been reported. To give you an idea, last year 1400 cases were reported in the whole year, in contrast, the last week of March saw 844 cases.
The disease is spread by direct physical contact and by indirect contact such as computers, table tops, taps, water fountains etc. For this reason we need to be extra aware of our hand hygiene, washing hands thoroughly and encouraging students to do the same, with an anti-bacterial soap as opposed to using gels etc.
Signs and symptoms to look out for:
Feeling/looking flushed
Sore throat
Red blotchy but sandpaper texture rash (Harder to see on darker skin)
Red swollen tongue

If a diagnosis is suspected the guidelines are for children with symptoms to stay off school and see their GP promptly. If a diagnosis of scarlet fever is made, antibiotics should be given and the child must stay off school until they have received 24 hours of antibiotics. Adults can be affected too, although this disease most commonly affects children. Scarlet Fever remains a mild disease, however complications can occur. There is currently no vaccine available.


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