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Business Studies Students Create Slogan for WH Bond

Added 5 years ago

Report by Matthew Tavner – Year 9

On the 2nd of July; the students who picked Business Studies for their options this year took part in a day to remember. WH Bond, a local family business, came to the school to give the students their first taste of enterprise. The first thing the Director and the Managers did was to give the students a quick run through of how the family business started and how it’s grown from a small farming business to a diverse landscaping company, with a timber company on the side sponsoring Plymouth Argyle Football Club. A quiz followed the introduction, to see how much the students remembered, one of the questions being ‘What was the name of the gate company acquired in 2010 by WH Bond?’ A:”Clinton Gates.”  Winning team, ‘Ed & Ted’ received goody bags with mugs, pens, pads and tape measures.

The students did quizzes on company logos and company slogans, which prepared us for the final task, but first the students were given £50,000 to market WH Bond Timber in any way they wanted. Some great suggestions surfaced from the young business men and women including an app giving tutorials on building fences and the like.

For the final task the students were given an amazing opportunity to create the new slogan for WH Bond, the students were given a list of things that the company was proud of or represented, along with company values, and were asked to volunteer suggestions. Some of the more wacky student slogans included “Don’t be blonde, go to Bond” and “The name’s Bond, Bond Timber.”  The company took away the ideas to share at a board meeting next Monday, where the winning slogan will be decided and possibly used on a company vehicle. We are really looking forward finding out which slogan is chosen and the winners will visit the company in Saltash in the autumn term.


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