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Learning about Catering and Hospitality with Whitbread

Added 5 years ago

On Friday 20th June three representatives from the hugely successful hospitality and catering company Whitbread visited Richard Lander School to present to Mr Gilbert’s Year 10 catering group.

Carmela, Sonia and Claire from Whitbread gave an excellent presentation about the company and the opportunities for young people in the catering and hospitality industry.

The students really enjoyed the presentation and really got a lot out of the talk which was fun, interactive and interesting.

Whitbread are a massive company that own 6 major UK brands including Premier Inn, Table Table and Costa. One of the high lights of the presentation was a quiz that the students had at the end of the talk. They were challenged to remember all 6 companies Whitbread owned. Annalisa Webster, Amy Hume and Poppy Baxter were all successful in naming the 6 companies and all three won a free, all you can eat, breakfast at any Cornish Table Table restaurant.
Annoyingly the presentation was cut short by a very untimely fire alarm so the students didn’t really get a lot of opportunity to ask questions, however many of them did take Carmela’s business card so that they could enquire about possible work experience. This really showed how much they enjoyed and learnt from the presentation.
Mr W Gilbert
DT Food and Catering Teacher

Richard Lander School