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Year 7 Satellite Netball Screenings

Added 5 years ago

Report by Megan Beynon
At the start of the summer term, seven keen netballers from year 7, Mairead Dolan, Skye Jackson, Delphi Harries, Nell Dart, Jess Oddy, Jade Beech and I took part in two netball training sessions to be chosen for Satellites netball, a county netball academy run by Jean Davis, dedicated coach for the Saints netball club. Luckily for her, Mairead was successful in 2013 and has had a whole year of Satellite training.
To start, we went to the first selection process and played for three-and-a-half hours under the watchful eye of representatives from Cornwall Netball, who were looking for players in different positions with potential to play at county standard. As one of the candidates, I can say that playing matches for three-and-a-half hours is extremely exhausting, especially when your every move is being scrutinised. I was really nervous because every girl there had true talent for the sport and I’d never experienced such competition. It was very tense when the names of the successful players were being read out, but everyone was thrilled when we found all of us had got through. However we had to go through yet another round to know who would be in the academy.
The second trial was a week later. The same process was repeated except this time there was the extra challenge of competing with girls a year older than us. Finally, the wait was over and in came all of the tired netballers to find out the results. Amazingly, five of us are now in the county academy and are looking forward to a warm- up training session on 19/06/14 where a fitness timetable will be discussed. There were mixed emotions as we left the courts as Richard Lander has so many fantastic netball players. However they couldn’t give us all a place but in the end, there is always next year…




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