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Maths Fun at the Eden Project

Added 5 years ago

Report by Jess Georgelin and Amelia Ireland

On the day of the Cornwall School Games, Richard Lander year sevens took a trip to the Eden project.  It was packed with fun and education for all because in between the exotic plants and fruits, maths was being explored.
In the morning, the pupils congregated in groups to investigate the Eden Project. Each was given a worksheet, though much to everybody’s disappointment, the Core was closed due to a technical hitch. All groups started in one or the other biomes.  The questions were challenging with maths pioneers having to work out the nth term for the amount of ropes to planks on a bridge, along with estimating the height of a pine tree and calculating the humidity levels in the biomes. 

Soon after half the intrepid  had returned to base camp a torrential rainstorm started, leaving the remaining pupils drenched, though this didn’t dampen their spirits as they were keen to get back outside for ice cream.
After a short lunch break, the sun finally decided to make an appearance, whilst the pupils were allowed an hour to explore by themselves. Many of the students ran straight to the café for Eden’s famous ice creams. The Core opened again, meaning the pupils could finalise the leaflets, whilst learning about our planet’s welfare.

Despite the weather, the day was a huge success that everyone enjoyed. Samuel Hillary said “The day was great fun as we were able to do lots of activities on our own.  My favourite part of the trip was the leaf race.“ Thank you to all the teachers that made all the leaflets and planned the entire trip, hopefully this trip will happen again next year and will be just as great!


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