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Greenpower - End of Term Report

Added 5 years ago

We enjoyed  great days Greenpower Racing at RNAS Merryfield in Somerset at the end of last term. The new double race format (two races lasting 90 minutes each with one set of batteries per race) allowed improvements to be realised in both cars. RLR1 (the red and wooden one) drove race 1 with slightly too conservative a gear ratio, yielding a 4th place result against tough competition including  the current national champions. The kit car (the black and red one) sounded terrible, much like a bag of spanners and drove particularly badly in race 1, as a number of post crash issues were at that stage un-resolved.

Race 2 allowed us to increase the gearing on RLR1 which produced a higher speed and a 3rd place with some great driving, particularly from Ruth (the metronome) Waters who produced lap times within a second of each other for over half an hour, averaging 27-28 mph.

RLR kit car received a lot of work from the whole team between races to address the tracking (wheels not pointing in the same direction) and a lack of some key parts(!),to go on to win the best kit car prize in race 2 and post the second highest kit car mileage nationally, which may even mean she goes to Goodwood!

The 2014 distance records now show RLR1 25th out of 163 entries and the kit car an impressive 40th! All of the places ahead of us on the distance records (bar one) were set at the fast open circuits of Goodwood and Rockingham speedway so once we get the chance to run at a similarly open circuit we should hopefully push ourselves further up the board at the Castle Combe race in September.

Thanks again to all staff – Mr Brooker, Mrs Clarke, Mr Pascoe (DT) and Mrs Elford for their continued time and effort, and to all team members, sponsors and the SLT for their continued support and involvement.

Mr Lloyd-King

PS – RLR3 is coming:

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