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Teen Tech Students Visit Buckingham Palace

Added 4 years ago

By Molly Short – Year 8

Students of Richard Lander School exchanged sitting in classrooms to mingling with celebrities at Buckingham Palace last month. Students Maggie Sykes, Lauren Healey and Lauryn Hughes-Jones entered the Teen Tech awards and won in the energy category as year 9s last year.
It took them just over eight months to complete their innovative idea named “Powerpark”. Powerpark is designed to charge mobile phones and their detailed idea started as a round about, however they began to work on a more complex circuit that could be used for a swing set.
To aid their design, the girls Skyped and met with many professionals and engineers to get a more concrete idea on how their plan would function. According to Maggie Sykes the idea stemmed from her dad who works at Save the Children.
On the students’ first trip to London they visited the Royal Society where they exhibited and answered questions about their project and they met many celebrities including James May, Stephen Fry and Brian Cox.

On their second trip to London (Buckingham Palace) they received their award from Prince Andrew.

Their advice for anyone else who would like to enter Teen Tech or do something similar is to be with people that you work well with, to get new opinions from fresh eyes and professionals, to look for problems that need fixing and to always take on board criticism.


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