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What is meant by online safety?

Added 5 years ago

· Creating a safer online environment;
· Giving everyone the skills, knowledge and understanding to help; children and young people stay safe online;
· Inspiring safe and responsible use and behaviours.

Technology is integral to the lives of children and young people.  The internet, other digital information and communication technologies can promote creativity and assist with the development of key social skills. Conversely, it can also provide a medium whereby inappropriate mail such as pornography and abusive images can filter through, cyber bullying can take place and on line grooming by predators can occur.  These are just some of the potential risks for children and young people.

The risks about potential hazards when using technology;
· The risks of how others may behave online, what the dangers are of sharing personal details and unsafe meeting arrangements;
·   Making clear what the rules are for lawful, safe and responsible online activity - including the making and sharing of images;
·   What steps to take and where to report an online incident (please see link below for identification of an online incident).

There is an equal consideration for the adults who have children and young people in their lives, be it professionals, parents, carers or members of the public - as
“Safeguarding is everyone’s business”.
Useful guidance, internet safety tips and information on how to report an on line incident is contained within the list below, which is by no means exhaustive.  Cornwall SCB is supported by the South West Grid for Learning (SWGFL) and information and guidance can be found on their website also http://www.swgfl.org.uk/.
If any student/parent is experiencing difficulties when online, confidential support and advice is available from Mr C Vaughan and Ms Y Green – Safeguarding/ Child Protection Team. Their office is in the Art corridor.

We will be holding our annual Year 7 Parent Information Evening on Internet Safety and Sex Related Education on Thursday 20th November.

Year 7 SRE/CEOPS Internet Safety Parents Evening 

Richard Lander School