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Shakespeare Schools Festival - Romeo and Juliet

Added 6 years ago

Richard Lander took part in the Shakespeare Schools festival for the fifth time last Thursday evening. Our chosen play was Romeo and Juliet.  

Four schools performed four short versions of some of Shakespeare’s finest works. Poole School took on Much Ado About Nothing, St Ives performed King Lear and Truro Prep created a magical version of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.  

Our Romeo and Juliet had a “retro future” theme with a black and white chess board style.  Each character had a different chess piece on their t shirt (Thanks to Mr Burley).  The Capulets were in white and the Montagues were in black.  Our white stage blocks were set around the stage to build different scenes representing chess pieces being placed on a board.

The performance fizzed with energy – the fight scene was so convincing (Thanks to Mr Nash) and the balcony scene looked so realistic with the beautiful moon and stars backdrop provided by the Hall for Cornwall.  The soundtrack took us all back to the 80’s with music including Visage, Echo and the Bunnymen and Bronski Beat.

Chrissy Warren choreographed the dance routine for the ball scene and she then taught this to the other students with Nyasha Muzarurwi.  Cam Hughes not only played Tyblat but also wrote music for the cello which he played to accompany the balcony and death scene.  The haunting sound of “Mad World” on the cello as the star crossed lovers took their lives was a memorable moment.

Jacob Moran worked alongside the Hall for Cornwall sound and lighting technicians and operated the lights on the evening.

This was a fantastic opportunity for all of those involved and I thank the whole cast for working so hard to produce such a polished performance.  Luckily we get to do it all over again for the year 8’s on 25th November in the school hall.

Cast list 

Prince Escalus – Cathy Bennett, Paris – Joe Webster, Montague – Charlotte Milliner, Capulet – Grace Fawcitt

Romeo – James Pearn, Mercutio – Mina Cuffwright, Benvolio – Tee Stevens, Tybalt – Cam Hughes, Juliet – Lauren Healey

Nurse – Libby Simmons, Lady Montague- Eloise Ireland, Lady Capulet – Nyasha Muzarurwi, Friar Lawrence – Todd Lowe, Friar John – Chris Dash, Balthazaar – Edie Llewellyn, Sampson – Chrissy Warren, Greogory – Millie Ashurst, Abraham – Emily Cheetham, An Apothecary – Chloe Hall

Citizens, Revellers and others:

Alisha Beattie,  Emily Meadows,  Naomi Lynham,  Megan Roberts,  Rajani Adhikari,  Evie Oliver, Chloe Lovering,    Matt Cole,  Alisha Khalil, Connie Downing

Ms Lucy Charleston 

Head of Creative Arts

Richard Lander School