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Garden Club meet Countryfile’s Adam Henson at the Patch and Acre Grand Opening!

Added 5 years ago


Report by  James Nankervis, Jack Robertson and Thomas Ingram-Brown

On the 30th of October we went to the grand opening of the flagship Patch and Acre store. Whilst there, we had a peep around the store, noticed some really helpful garden tools and we also met the presenter of Countryfile, Adam Henson. He gave us a little lesson on farm animals and farm life. He also answered all  of our questions.  One question was ‘Do you have a Unimog?’ He said he did but it set on fire and burned!
(For the initiated a Unimog is a type of 4x4—Ed)
There were also animals; there was a pony called Bruce Almighty, there was also a turkey, emerald ducks and sheep. There was also a competition about guessing the weight of the sheep where the winner won the sheep.
While we were there we watched a Cornish band and there was a food stall with burgers, hot dogs and curry and a drink stall that sold Cornish tea, coffee and scones with jam and clotted cream
Adam Henson cut the ribbon to open the store in front of a mob of customers waiting to get their books signed by him. . 


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