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Seeking a Partner School in Segovia..

Added 5 years ago

By Beth Pascoe - Year 10

During half term, we set of to Spain with Mr Tamlyn and a selection of other students from neighbouring Cornish Schools. We were selected to go on a pilot exchange with a school in Segovia, north of Valladolid, where we would be teaching English in Spanish primary schools. Once we arrived it was clear to us how different life was to that in Cornwall- for example,  it was nearing 28° every day!
The primary school we worked in was called C.E.I.P Villalpando and was nothing like schools in England. One of the differences that really stood out was how much English the children knew: even in the younger classes the children knew much more than we had anticipated and in the older classes the children had a spectacular level of English. The school we visited had a bilingual programme in place, which meant students were taught their lessons in English and Spanish.  We had a lot of fun with the children, visiting different classes each day, playing games and singing English songs with them.
One day we visited the secondary school of our exchange students, which highlighted further differences. It was really clear how lucky we are to have such a technology supported school as in the Segovia school only two classrooms we went in had projectors, the rest solely using chalk boards. The secondary school also used a bilingual programme and we experienced a selection of lessons, including History, taught in English. The Spanish students there were practically bilingual, speaking near perfect English.

We had lots of fun and really enjoyed our time in Segovia with our exchanges; we can't wait until March when our exchange partners visit Cornwall!


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