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Romeo and Juliet - Student Review

Added 6 years ago

Review by Evie Poole - Year 8

This 45 min shortened version of Shakespeare’s masterpiece ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was performed by students to the year 8 classes due in their English lesson, and was thoroughly enjoyed. The actors expressed the scenes in the play well by using simplistic and stylised props they also set the stage up as a chess board. The cast dressed simply, like chess pieces, which had a great effect on the audience clearly marking out the Capulets and Montagues as they fought and argued in the play.

A year eight student Ethan said:

“I like the way the people are dressed and that the whole stage is set out as a chess board is an amazing way to tell the story, it shows you how they move around the board in the play as if they were playing a game.”

While the play was made as understandable as possible for the target audience, the cast had to speak in Shakespearian. This was executed brilliantly, and all of the lines were spoken clearly and loudly, with great expression which  portrayed to everyone clearly the characters’ mood or emotions.

Along with this, part way through the play, there was a Viennese masked themed ball, which was good because it linked the play back to its Italian setting and was exciting for the audience as it evolved lights and music.

Richard Lander School