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Winter Surfing in Cornwall

Added 5 years ago

Are you hoping for a surfboard for Christmas? Here Trey Campbell from Year 10 shares his knowledge on 3 of his favourite winter surfing locations.

Top 3 winter surfing beaches
St Agnes (Aggie)
ST Agnes is a beach in between Chapel Porth and Perranporth beach. It’s a very small beach surrounded by cliffs, so is sheltered beach and works with most winds and is good mid to low tide. There is two cafes a little walk away from the beach, so it’s easy to get a nice cuppa after surfing. The beach works on big SW swells and every wind except dead SW winds. It’s a great place to surf especially in the winter months when other places are too big or the winds aren’t correct. The only downside is that it can get overcrowded on perfect days and people can drop in on you, which can get annoying.
Godrevy is a beach in between ST Ives and Portreath beach. It’s a huge beach with little sand dunes at the top of the beach; it’s a very open beach, so has to have dead offshore (south easterly) to work, and uses every last bit of swell the North Atlantic chucks at it, so can get too big at times, which are the perfect time to go to Aggie. There is a café in the National Trust car park, which has plenty of food and drink. The only downside is the river that runs in to the sea, creates a rip at high tide which is useful to an experienced surfer, but can catch novice surfers off guard and can drag them out. If there is no one surfing there is probably a reason for it (always have a surfing buddy with you at all times).
Porthtowan is a beach in between Portreath and Chapel Porth. It’s a mid-size beach, works most tides but some high tides can be a bit shore dumpy, although fun. It’s very open, so needs offshore winds to work properly, and sucks in lots of swell from the North Atlantic, so can get very big at times, which is a good time to go to Aggie instead. There is two cafes beside the beach perfect for after surf refreshments, and there is a surf shop, called Tris Surf Shop open at the weekends in the winter.

I started surfing when I was 7 years old at a surf club in Newquay,  but gave it up until I started bodyboarding when I was 11 years old and joined Porthtowan Surf Lifesaving Club. 2 summers ago, I was helping the lifeguard out by making sure people were between the correct flags, it was the middle of summer and there were quite choppy swells, and I saw an older guy , a girl and a young boy getting dragged out in a flash rip. I paddled out to them and asked them if they were ok, they said “no” so I got the younger guy on my board and pushed him on to a wave and then paddled straight back to get the girl while the older guy got in by himself. Porthtowan Surf Lifesaving taught me how to deal with these situations and it was the most amazing feeling to  have rescued 2 people from possibly  drowning! 


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