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Pet Care - December - By Grace Duffield

Added 6 years ago

Every month Grace Duffield works in collaboration with Companion Care Vets to provide seasonal pet care advice

Please spare a thought for pets over Christmas. During Christmas time, most of the main desserts and snacks (e.g. mince pies and Christmas cake) contain raisins. Grapes and raisins are toxic for all dogs of any age, breed or gender. If eaten, raisins cause renal (kidney) failure and can be fatal. If you see your dog eating a mince pie or any other food containing grapes or raisins, call your vet immediately to increase the chances of survival. If you suspect your dog has eaten raisins the symptoms to show this include;   
Vomiting and/or diarrhoea – often within a few hours
Loss of appetite
Lethargy, weakness, unusual quietness
Abdominal pain
Oliguria (passing only a small amount of urine)
Anuria (complete cessation of urine)
Cats are notorious for consuming tinsel and ribbon which can become stuck in the intestine and cause it to bunch up like an accordion. This condition is painful and requires surgery to correct it. Never give your cat or dog tinsel to play with.
Cats and dogs also see shiny baubles as potential playthings. However, these can be knocked off a tree and can smash on the floor causing a danger for the pets.
Most vets are open 362 days a year (excluding Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day), should you find yourself needing to call in on one of these days, call your surgery number and receive instructions on what to do on the phone. If you’re registered with Companion Care, call 01872 266002 for out of hour queries. 

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