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Coming Soon for Year 11: The War Room

Added 5 years ago


Each year we work harder and harder to support the Year 11s in getting the best GCSE grades they possibly can. This year we will be creating a revision/mentoring space called ‘The War Room’ which we hope will encourage Year 11s to strategize and take action to fulfil their GCSE potential. In the War Room, Year 11s will be able to revise, get advice on revision planning and talk to Year 11 mentors on how to achieve their goals. We are currently working on the best way to set up this space and will send a letter to Year 11 parents with full details in due course. In addition to this we have a ‘Stress-less Festival’ planned for immediately before the summer exams which will include a whole host of relaxing activities.
Mrs J Griffiths – Deputy Headteacher

Richard Lander School