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Rugby Team through to the U13 National Rugby Union Cup Final Four!

Added 5 years ago

By Hector Faux – Year 9

Lander is a very successful school in sports, but the group undoubtedly enjoying most recent success are the Year 8 Rugby squad. These guys made it through to the semi-finals of the U13 National Rugby Union Cup when they drew at an away match with a cracking score of 17:17 during the quarter finals, earlier this week.

Despite the final result being a draw on this occasion, competition rules state that if the game is drawn, the win will be handed to the away team on the day so the Lander team were given the place in the semis over their opposition, Hampton School. Lander had been in the lead throughout the entire game, just conceding two very late tries to leave it 17-17 at the final whistle. They had also won with flying colours at their previous match. 

Man of the match was Frank Holmes, a great player who scored 3 tries and secured the draw with some fast running from his teammate Harry Lampier, who passed to him from penalties and supported all the way to the try line. The tries varied from passing off the ground to penalties taken quickly. 

All the boys worked incredibly hard during the last two minutes, tackling here and there, to stop the other team scoring. When I asked team captain, Josh Anderson about what he said to his team to keep their spirits up he told me this: “It’s difficult to talk when you’re under pressure but at one point I remember shouting ‘Focus on your win, tackle pass tackle pass”

Josh also told me that the players could not have done it without their coach, Mr Williamson, who kept them calm during the dark areas of the game. 

When the final whistle blew, the players were shocked and couldn’t believe they had done it. They spent an elated 6 hours on a coach back to Cornwall, arriving at 11pm, greeted by Mr Mulcahy himself and proud family members. The next game for the victorious boys will be in February at Trinity College, Croydon. We wish them all the luck in the world and hope they will become finalists.


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