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Year 9 meet Tomorrows Engineers, a Marshmallow Trebuchet and Robot Wars

Added 5 years ago

by Meryn George Carter- Year 9

On Thursday the 15th of January, an organisation called ‘Tomorrows Engineers’ came to our school to present an interactive assembly and three optional workshops to ninety students.

To start of the day, all participating year nine students went to the hall for the assembly, which was led by a woman called Becca,  who told us what engineering is - not just working on cars! She told us how engineering/engineers have made life easier for us in the past and present and demonstrated a trebuchet - a catapult from the middle ages - which fired marshmallows, instead of boulders, into the crowd. 

After the assembly students went on to the three workshops. One was all about designing a product that would help/benefit the environment in some way. For example, one group came up with a surf wax that would detect sewage in the sea, so they could report it to the lifeguards. 

Another workshop was all about robots, but not robots as you are probably thinking of them, instead we learnt about robots/machines that can perform medical operations, more accurately than doctors. In the workshop, we also got a chance to fight ‘robot wars’, where we controlled robots to compete against an opposing team.

Finally, the last workshop mimicked ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ as we were each given a remote to answer engineering questions on the smart board. After that, in groups of three, we were given a puzzle box and each member in a team tried to solve their puzzle, the puzzles were to build a bridge that supported the specific weight, to decode, and to do a jigsaw where you had the create the capital letter E. 


Personally, my favourite workshop of the day was ‘Robot Wars’, because you got to really be a part of the engineering experience as it made you think of how you were controlling the robot.   

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