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Year 8 join 'The Story Republic'

Added 5 years ago

By Tabitha Lester-Smith- Year 8

Mapping exciting lands, the Richard Lander Year 8 students created their own adventure story with Rebecca Gregson, from the Story Republic during a gifted and talented workshop, last week. 

The day started off with a few games of Boggle, then moved onto making up stories (which turned out to be ludicrous and made no sense) about how students got to school. Instead of plunging straight into our stories we drew big A3 maps of where our characters lived. They had to travel a journey with obstacles to overcome and maps differed in what the obstacles were. Some were mental obstacles to defeat rationally, but some were fairy-tale style dragons and monsters to conquer. After some feedback – with amazing ideas from author and playwright, Rebecca Gregson - we started to plan our stories. 

The day ended with the outcome of great adventure plans, half-written stories and exciting plans to go to primary schools to share the same workshop in small groups over the next 2 months.


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