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Thursday 7th May - Richard Lander School Mock Election

Added 5 years ago

On Thursday 7th May, students had the opportunity to vote for all of the candidates standing in the Truro and Falmouth constituency in a mock General Election held in school. Students were given registration cards during morning tutor time and  could vote at break  time, lunchtime or afternoon tutor time. There were 4 Polling Stations set up around school with a team of 19 students staffing them throughout the day.  All registration cards and ballot papers were colour coded by learning community. There was a 60% turn out with 764 students voting. 15 papers were spoilt. 
The Green Party came out as convincing winners with 229 votes – 30%, followed by Labour – 157 votes – 20%, UKIP – 150 votes – 20%, Conservative – 125 votes – 16%, Liberal Democrats – 56 votes – 7%, PoP – 12 votes, National Health Action – 8 votes, Independent – 7 votes, MK – 5 votes. Clearly this did not match the results of the actual constituency  where Sarah Newton, the Conservative party candidate, won the seat with a convincing 44%, followed by Simon Rix—Liberal Democrats—with 17%. The Green Party won 9% of the votes.
The pie and bar charts on the following page show the RLS result by whole school and we also collated the results by learning community– these can be found on the school Facebook page and will be on the school website soon.
We were really impressed by the level of student interest in the election, which is perhaps, in part , due to  the televised debates but we also have a strong tradition of  political awareness here at Richard Lander School. We held a mock election in 2010 and Year 11 students Cameron Sykes and Saffron Blake are currently elected members of the Youth Parliament for Cornwall. If you are interested in becoming more involved in local politics check out  the links on the notice below. Or search Facebook for ‘Young Peoples Reference Group Cornwall’
Thank you so much to all the polling staff volunteers who worked so hard throughout the day to collect and count votes.
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