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Production Line Packing for Year 6 Induction Days

Added 5 years ago

Report by Issy Crawley - Year 7

On Tuesday 28th April my DT class and one other class were chosen to work like a production line in a factory and we were set the task to put together, check and pack as many car sets as we could.
These car sets will be used by the Year 6s who will be coming for induction days in July. They will make, customise and race their cars. I was on the ‘Quality Control’ station and we had to look through all of the bags that the packers had put together to check that everything was in them that you might need to build your car. This took a long time and we had to work a lot faster when we realised that loads of bags were stacking up that had not yet been checked for mistakes. By the end of the two sessions we had made over 300 bags ready to send to Year 6 students.
If you are in Year 6 and coming to Richard Lander School in September don’t worry if you don’t know anyone else coming to Richard Lander because when you get here you will be put into groups and soon find people to talk to. I had loads of fun and I am sure you will too!

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