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Lander for Uganda - Fundraising begins in earnest...

Added 5 years ago

32 students will be travelling to Uganda in July and are busy raising funds in order to help students and their families living in extreme poverty. They have made a great start to the year collecting 50 £1 coins each; which should be in by half term. This will raise enough money to pay for solar energy for one of our sister school’s dormitories or 320 mosquito nets.

7 students have already completed this challenge. Students have raised more funds by running a café on Open Evening and running a bake sale which we hope to run every Friday. Thank you for you continued support for this project. We have already raised £400.

To support our student’s fund raising you could come to, or run a stall at, our Christmas fair which will be on the evening of 11 Dec, we will also be running a Christmas card competition, all students can enter using any media and we will be selling cards that the students have designed in plenty of time for Christmas. 

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