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BBC Good Food Show 2015

Added 4 years ago

On Friday 27th November, 12 students from Richard Lander headed up North! Passports in tow and inoculations checked we headed to the other side of the Tamar not sure what we would find. The destination for these intrepid explorers was the NEC. An architectural masterpiece which was the home of the BBC Good Food Show. Upon arriving the North did not disappoint. We were greeted by sideways rain and gale force winds. The intrepid group fought their way to the building and were greeted by the intense aromas of wonderful foods and flavours from around the world. The size of this Aladdin’s cave was jaw dropping and filled with busy people pretending not to stuff themselves with free samples. The 12 students split into 4 smaller scout parties and headed into the craziness. They were on the lookout for the lesser spotted Mary Berry and the grey striped Paul Hollywood. With foods of all shapes and sizes the group were able to sample delicacies not often seen in the Motherland such as Kangaroo burgers and Yushoi Snapea rice sticks (on offer in Tesco). The intrepid explorers eventually tracked the lesser spotted Mary Berry to the interview stage where some of them we able to ask deep and searching questions like ‘who is a better baker? You or Paul Hollywood?’. Mary, with her years of experience as a celebrity,  answered diplomatically. 

We regrouped and headed deep into the bowels of the show to an area called the Super Theatre. We took our seats and waited for the grey stripped Paul Hollywood to appear. This flamboyant baker then entertained the whole room with some lovely cheesy bread. Enthralled by the magical Paul Hollywood, the group quickly made their way to his book signing and met the man himself. After pictures and Christmas presents for mum were sorted, the group posed by the entrance satisfied they had seen, eaten and conquered the Good Food Show.

Mr W Gilbert

DT Food Teacher

Richard Lander School