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Attendance - Why is it so important?

Added 4 years ago

This may seem like an obvious question but there is very strong evidence that links student progress and achievement directly to attendance at school. Research shows that when student attendance is 95% and above, they are far more likely to achieve and make good progress. 

The graphs on the left show statistics gathered from  data on Richard Lander School’s Year 11 2015 students. A dramatic difference can be seen between the 90—94% and the >95%  columns for both GCSE results and for progress. 

95% attendance roughly equates to 1 day absent in every 4 school weeks.

We have been raising this issue with students in assemblies and at tutor time and are introducing a prize draw for students with very good attendance, in each community, every half term.

Thank you very much for your continued support in this matter.

Mr R Holloway

Assistant Headteacher 


Richard Lander School