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Year 8 produce shelf-ready biscuits for DT Days

Added 4 years ago


Year 8 spent a most productive two days in early December, making boxes of cookies. The challenge was to make one of a batch of 270 boxes of cookies.

The students rotated through three different workshops where they had to design and make the following components; a plastic tray to hold and protect the cookies; cardboard packaging to market the product and display key information; a batch of 6 cookies. 

The day encourages the students to consider quality control which is necessary to ensure accuracy when producing products in large numbers. Students looked at industrial processes such as vacuum forming and laser cutting when making the packaging and techniques for ensuring consistency with food products when batch producing in high numbers.
Of course students had the opportunity to personalise their designs and once again they came up with some inspired designs.

Big thank you to Mr Everitt for organising the two days.

Ms L Watts
Head of DT

Richard Lander School