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The Posho Challenge - 7 Staff to eat the diet of a Ugandan orphan for all of November

Added 4 years ago

In a bid to raise funds for our partner schools in  Kamuzinda and Bukumansimbi, 7 members of staff are experiencing the restricted diet of the children who live there for a whole month.
This means that they will eat only posho (maize meal) and beans, flavoured with sugar or salt, along with the occasional banana or pineapple (on medical advice). They will also drink just plain water. The 7 are Mr Ryan Bond – Cover Supervisor, Mrs J Griffiths – Deputy Headteacher, Mr A Carter – Teaching Assistant, Mr A Gell – Maths Teacher, Mrs R Knight – DT Teacher, Miss L Myners – Cover Supervisor, Miss S Wright – IT Technician.  
This fundraising is part of the school’s ‘Lander4Uganda’ fundraising which raises  in excess of £10, 000 each year to support 4 partner schools. In July, students travel to Kamuzinda and Bukumansimbi in Uganda to provide labour and oversee the spending of funds raised. Last year the money was spent on building a toilet block and installing a septic tank, extending, reroofing and painting a dormitory so there was room for residents to have a bunk bed each, painting the exterior of a primary school, putting on a talent competition and a feast for a whole school.. 
The school are planning on extending the challenge to students who will be invited to eat posho, beans and fruit exclusively for 24 hours one day in the week following the United Nations ‘Universal Children’s Day’ on 20th November.
On 1st November some of those taking part shared their thoughts:

‘Everyone I’ve spoken to about the plans for the sponsored diet, have either told me I’m mad or that surely a week would have been long enough.. A little self-discipline will need to go a long way’  Mr A Carter. 
‘Having taught in Uganda I can certainly vouch for the fact that this is very standard fare for schoolchildren there. Often exactly the same beans and posho for every meal. Choice and variation of diet are just two of the many things  that most of us in the western world completely take for granted. I’m optimistically hoping that the impending lack of meat, vegetables, coffee, alcohol and cake will not make me even more insufferable to live and work with than I already am.’  Mr A Gell. 
‘The children in Uganda seemed to genuinely love posho, so I am hoping to develop a taste for it. Giving up day time coffee and late night chocolate  are definitely the biggest sacrifices for me!’  Miss S Wright.

The Posho 7 have set up a Crowdfunder page and would be very grateful for any donations and words of encouragement! 

Photos show:
6 out of the 7 Posho Participants. Mr Carter was invigilating.
Children in Uganda delighted with their plates of posho and beans. Photo taken by Mr Bond in  July 2016.

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