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Print Making with John Howard - Combined Truro Schools Collaborative Project

Added 4 years ago

Each year all year 8 students have the chance to get involved in The Combined Truro Schools Collaborative Project. Culminating in a public exhibition at Truro’s Lander Gallery this is an opportunity to work with other schools and established artists. As part of the build up to the exhibition a series of workshops are held where students have the opportunity to explore new methods of creating art and work with highly skilled professionals.

This year’s theme for the exhibition
is ‘Contemporary Cornwall’ and the first workshop took place in the workshop of Penryn based artist, John Howard. John is a highly regarded artist and print maker in his own right and also has a regular hand in the training of students at Falmouth School of Art. Under his supervision our students had the opportunity to create and print their own ‘photo etched’ plate.

Working in this environment was a real eye opener for our students as Pablo Galbraith explained, ‘I loved learning new methods to create art and never quite knowing what was going to happen. I also liked having the opportunity to use machinery I wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to use.’ An equally enthusiastic Romy commented, ‘It was one of the best things I have done; I loved it… Everyone was extremely nice and what I loved was that I could interpret things in our own way. It couldn’t have been better. My mind was buzzing when we walked into John’s workshop because he had amazing pieces of art everywhere and we were so free in what we were doing.’

To end the day the students had a first look at the prints made from their etched plates; this involved the use of industrial printing presses. ‘My favourite part of the day was seeing my finished work coming out of the press.’ Jake commented. These prints will be used to create a final piece to be revealed at the exhibition next March. Elvie summed up their experience of the day, ‘I really liked being involved in a collaborative task with lots of different people… We had great fun, got messy, had lunch with lots of new people and made some art… I liked everything about it. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the activity and I am looking forward to seeing the final piece in the exhibition. It really made my mind work and think – it was so fun.’

The public opening of the exhibition will be in March 2017 and there are more exciting workshops planned for the coming months.
Mr A Conrad - Art Teacher

Richard Lander School