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Year 7 Art trips to Falmouth and Geevor

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We are fortunate enough to be able to take all of Year 7 out on a trip near the start of term so that they can all have a worthwhile experience that will feed into some of their work in school. As a school we feel that it is important for students to be able to go out of the classroom for some of their learning and be able to see a variety of things in different contexts

Half of the year group went to Falmouth for their trip and this involved spending part of the day at The Maritime Museum and then some time drawing outside and also visiting Falmouth Art Gallery
The Maritime Museum has a wealth of interesting artefacts on display and students were able to study the displays and then draw and respond to some of what they had seen. There is a particularly interesting Viking exhibition on at the moment and the objects that students chose to draw ranged from ancient coins to jewellery to tools

The Museum also houses an impressive display of boats and there were some fantastic drawings of some of these boats that were produced. After leaving the Maritime Museum there was an opportunity for students to draw some modern boats by the waterfront.

Falmouth Gallery currently have a print exhibition on with some impressive work on display by really well known artists such as Grayson Perry, Peter Randall-Page and Roy Lichtenstein. Students were able to see and experience works of Art in a gallery setting but then also produce their own work . Dan , a member of the education department at the gallery led a workshop for students and they were able to produce their own print blocks and then go on to do some prints . There were some fantastic results.

It was a great trip and students were able to have a really rich and varied experience on the day .

Ms N Dalby - Head of Art

Geevor Mine

Continuing the theme of students ‘drawing on our heritage’ the remaining half of Year 7 travelled to Geevor tin mine. Just as Falmouth, and the sea had been key to Cornwall’s development, so had mining. Geevor tin mine closed within living memory of many Cornish people and the mine remains very much as it was when the last shift returned to the surface in 1990.

After donning hard hats students hand the chance to travel underground and experience first had the realities of hard rock mining. The conditions were cramped, even for the year 7s, and it was an eye opening opportunity to empathise with the realities of working life in the heart of Cornwall’s mineral rich, granite, subterranean world.

Back above ground there was the chance to discover the process of extracting the ore from the earliest days using a hammer and sieve, to the modern techniques used right up until the mine closed. Students also had the chance to pan for
Year 7 Art trips to Falmouth and Geevor continued..

minerals for themselves and start their own collections of gem stones.

One of the highlights of the trip for
the students was an exploration of the miners ‘dry’. This was the area where miners kept their belongings and changed before and after shifts. This area of the mine has been kept exactly as it was left when the mine shut. Miners clothes still hang in their lockers and give a very real sense of how life was for these uniquely brave group of Cornish workers.

Throughout the day there was a chance to sketch and photograph all aspects of mining history and they produced some good outcomes to record the day.

Mr A Conrad - Art Teacher



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