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Richard Lander Racing -Podium place at the Greenpower International Final

Added 4 years ago

In late October, the Richard Lander Racing team had a fantastic weekend away at Rockingham Motor Speedway competing in the International Finals. Rockingham is home to a dedicated Nascar style oval circuit which is perfect for Greenpower racing.

The team completed a 2 hour practice session on Saturday morning, allowing a race simulation to be carried out with the new car RLR 3. The new car performed brilliantly, running solidly for 105 minutes before being brought in for the end of the session, having completed 48.5 miles. The race time is 90 minutes, so we could gear up the car and push the car harder. RLR 2 and RLR K completed many laps and practice pit stops.

The International kit car final ran on Saturday afternoon, with RLR K eligible to take part. Kit cars are a standard steel frame chassis that must remain unmodified, although other parts can be improved such as wheels, body work and bearings. RLR K took a 3rd place podium finish out of 36 entrants.
Kit car final results

Sunday morning was extremely wet with rain drops bouncing off the tarmac, and 20mm of standing water. The team decided sleeping would be better than practice in such awful conditions, which would have risked the cars unnecessarily. The first F24 race lined up in pouring rain and strong winds, but all 3 Richard Lander cars started successfully and the race was on. RLR 2 starting on the front row of the grid and initially led the race before dropping back. RLR 3 began on row 4 and began overtaking at pace. By the end of the race it was between RLR 3 and Bluebird from the Weald School, who just pipped us in the end. This was a very good and promising start, RLR 3 finishing 2nd in its 3rd ever race, ahead of the 2015 champions and this years’ number 1 seed. RLR 2 came home 5th  and RLR K 26th out of 73 competitors in difficult conditions which thankfully cleared as the race went on. F24 Race 1 results

Whilst the older age group (16-25 yrs) completed their race we took the opportunity to dry out all three cars, equipment and in some cases clothing which were saturated. Unfortunately during this clean up process a lead became disconnected that would spell disaster for RLR 3 in race 2. The conditions were much improved as all cars headed out for the final race of the year. As the flag fell, RLR 2 took the lead once again from the front row. RLR 3 however rolled to a stop, with no power. As the full fleet of 69 cars sped past, the team faced an agonising wait as the recovery vehicle was sent out to pick up the car and driver and brought back to the pits. By the time the fault was found, the leaders had completed 5 laps and RLR 3 began dead last. However it was clear that RLR 3 was moving very quickly and began moving swiftly up the order. By the end of the race, RLR 3 had made it back up to 7th out of 69 cars, and was the only car lapping under 3 minutes. The gap to the leaders was still 3 laps, but RLR 3 had unlapped itself twice. Attached is a graph of laps vs distance, which shows that RLR 3 would have been on for the win had the fault not happened, but that’s racing. It was clear to everyone that RLR 3 was the fastest Greenpower car.
F24 Race 2 Results
The overall standings are decided by the best race distances over the 2 races. RLR 3 finished 3rd, RLR 2 finished 6th and RLR K finished 33rd. The team had a fantastic weekend and are keen to race the fastest Greenpower car next season.
Overall Standings
Our year 11’s will have to make way for some fresh young racers, preferably quite small as RLR 3 is a bit of a squeeze to get into! There will be application forms to join the Richard Lander Racing Greenpower team available after the half term holiday. Only dedicated students need apply!

Thanks to Alfie Martin for recording the weekend through photos and video, more to follow…
Well done to all involved and special thanks to all the staff supporting the project, particularly Mrs and Mr Elford and Mr Hooper who have come along to race weekends this year and helped organise the team.

Mr B Lloyd-King - Science Teacher & Greenpower

Photographs by Alfie Martin



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