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Languages News - November

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Bon Voyage Theatre Visit

The French ‘Bon Voyage’ play was very exciting and included funny jokes, circus tricks and some French of course! The main character was a French boy called Pierre (Peter) who wanted to catch the ultimate wave so Pierre flew into the sunny south of France for a surfing holiday.
The play was very entertaining and funny and I enjoyed it a lot. I think that it was a very good performance and I would love to see it again!  I didn’t understand all of the French but I did understand parts of it and I am sure that I will soon get to the stage where I understand most of it!
In conclusion Bon Voyage was a very funny and amusing performance because it contained circus tricks, the actors interacted with the audience and it contained loads of funny jokes!
By Saffy Elliott Year 7

European Day of Languages workshop

To celebrate the European Day of Languages on 26th September twelve Richard Lander students went to Mounts Bay Academy for the day. At Mounts Bay we had a taster sessions of three different languages: Latin, Arabic and Russian. There was also a workshop run by Truro College Language Ambassadors who gave us information about what it is like being a language student there and all the exciting things you can do! In the Arabic room we took turns saying different phrases in Arabic and wrote backwards as the Arabians do. Russian was the most fun workshop because the teacher was extremely funny and interesting because he was actually Russian! He wrote our names as they would be in Russian and mine was: 
By Saskia Adie Year 8

French Hat Day

On the 11th October Richard Lander Year 7 students celebrated the annual French Hat Day. The Year 7 students brought in hats that they had made at home for a competition, for the best hat that represented France and all things French! There were many different varieties of hats including frogs’ legs, French police hats and  chef hats to French flags, Orangina bottles and of course Eiffel Towers.

I made a French policeman’s hat which was fun to make and everybody enjoyed the event!
By Jake Goodchild Year 7

What’s on?

Chinese Mandarin Club for Years 7, 8 and 9 Monday lunchtime in room 122
Chinese Mandarin Club for Years 10 and 11 Monday afterschool in room 122
Spanish Club for Years 7, 8 and 9 Tuesday lunchtime in room 121 from 1.15-1.45
Spanish Club for Years 10 and 11 Tuesday afterschool in room 121 from 3.30-4.30
French Club for Years 7, 8 and 9 Thursday lunchtime in room 121 from 1.15-1.45.
French Club for Years 10 and 11 Thursday afterschool in room 121 from 3.30-4.30
Japanese Club—Please see below

Community Languages

We would like to invite all staff, governors, parents and the wider community to the French and Spanish after school sessions on Tuesdays (Spanish) and Thursdays (French). The emphasis is on conversational language and learning some key phrases for those holidays abroad!  Please sign in at main reception for these sessions.

French and Spanish Tutoring

Our French and Spanish language assistants are offering tutoring for £15 an hour. Please contact  lshine@richardlander.cornwall.sch.uk  for more information.  


Japanese Club is being held every Friday lunch time in room 005 with Miss Whitlock. Our first session introduced us to different aspects of life in Japan from it its climate to food and musical toilets! We sampled green tea, learnt how to introduce ourselves in Japanese and completed the session by making postcards that symbolised some of the things we had learnt.

If you fancy greeting people in Japanese why not try the following:

Ohayo gozaimasu (Good morning)

Konnichiwa  (Hello/good afternoon)

Konbanwa  (Good evening)

Our next session will involve sampling miso soup and seaweed, practising the Japanese consonants and more self-introductions. Everyone is welcome.



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