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The Posho Challenge - now it’s the students’ turn...

Added 4 years ago

Tuesday 22nd will see some of our most dedicated students  undergoing the Posho Challenge when for 24h they will experience the diet of a Ugandan orphan. The diet consists of posho and beans, 2 pieces of fruit a day and water. Posho is maize meal which is mixed with water and cooked on a fire, or in a microwave in our case. It is flavoured with salt or sugar.
We are providing  students with the posho they need for breakfast and dinner and a can of beans (not Heinz!) and have given them a sponsor form. On the 22nd November we will provide them with a banana at break time and posho and beans at lunch. We ask that they contribute £2 to pay for this. We also have a Just Giving page set up where they can collect donations.
Hopefully if you are taking part you have already taken a sponsor form and have been  busily collecting sponsors. Some people have collected their ingredients today and others will be collecting on Monday. Everyone who is taking part has a ‘Posho Challenge’ badge to wear which features one of the Ugandans we met in July 2016. Many thanks to Luke Thorpe for his photography and to Jacob Moran for his IT skills.

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