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Business in the City

Added 4 years ago

A group of year 10 Business Studies students got to investigate real local businesses operating in the city centre. Students had the opportunity to explore what the city had to offer. The aim of the trip was to demonstrate what is on our doorstep and how businesses vary in size and operation.

Students had to speak to owners and find out what type of ownerships different businesses have. The students also had to identify the different job roles within a variety of enterprises, and understand the skills and qualities required to become an employee for different retailers. Students also spent time observing the different customer types who visited a number of outlets in order to specify who the retailers target markets may be.

The research collated in the visit will form part of their evidence for a current piece of course work counting towards their GCSE. Students enjoyed the hands on experience of visiting real shops, opposed to just finding out information online.

Mrs L Ford
Business Studies, Work Experience, Young Enterprise and ICT

Richard Lander School