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Year 10 Eden Project Trip

Added 3 years ago

The Year 10 Art and Photography students went on a visit to The Eden project as part of their GCSE course. Luckily the rain held off so we were able to walk around and enjoy all the scenery in the sunshine. The Photography students had a number of tasks to compete including creating a triptych photograph and taking a number of photos to create a David Hockney style joiner . Fortunately the Eden project has such a plethora of plants to take good quality photographs of and the students managed to amass a lot of great images on the day.
The Art students spent some time focusing on the Peter Randall Page sculpture which is on display . The 'seed ' is a huge seed-like granite sculpture carved with a complex pattern based upon the geometric and mathematical principles which underlie plant growth. This piece will fit in with Year 10’s current coursework project so it was a great opportunity for them to see such an impressive work of Art in context. They were also able to record various plants and areas of the Eden project and it was great to see students sketching and recording what they saw. It was a really enjoyable trip and will allow students to produce some good quality work as a result of the visit . 
Mrs N. Dalby
Head of Art


Richard Lander School